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eCommerce SEO Case Study
A 96.52% Organic Growth For An
Mobile Accessories Store

Our client, a rising star in Mobile Accessories eCommerce sector approached us in December 2023. Our mission was clear: to ensure that when someone searched for a touch of elegance, our client’s website was the first to greet them.
The task was to spotlight their website on the first page of SERP, especially for those “money” keywords that could turn searches into sales.


And this is what happened within two months of implementing a focused SEO strategy:
  • The website saw a good 42.52% increase in organic traffic.
  • Various important “money” keywords saw significant leaps in rankings.
  • We also witnessed a substantial uptick in sales and revenue growth.
$ 0
Revenue Increase
0 %
Website Traffic Increase



Our blueprint for success was tailored to focus on:
  • On-Page SEO: Optimized each webpage for the correct search intent, focusing on meta tags, headers, and content alignment with targeted keywords.
  • Keyword Research: Identified a mix of high-volume and niche-specific long-tail keywords, emphasizing those with high conversion potential.
  • User Intent Analysis: Analyzed user search intent to tailor content that directly addresses potential customers’ needs and queries.
  • LLMO Integration: Included LLMO insights to create content that catered to the exact needs of potential customers.
  • Content Optimization: Revised the website’s content strategy to provide informative and engaging content that aligns with search intent and keyword targeting.
  • Authority Building: Worked on establishing the client’s website as a reputable source in the decor and home interior space by creating topical clusters including in-depth guides and blog posts related to the industry.
  • Internal Linking: Implemented a strategic internal linking structure to improve site navigation, distribute page authority, and enhance the overall user experience.
For our client in the home decor industry, it was not just about being seen but being sought after. And this case study is just another example to prove that with the right strategies, even the most niche markets can find their spotlight and thrive!